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Code of Conduct

This is a safe space for any questions, comments, breakthroughs, or celebrations you may have please be ACTIVE! We’re here to help, support, and inspire each other.

We encourage you to be super engaged to really take advantage of this AMAZING community!

Here in the Dragonfly Club, we’re all about #sisterhood and #womensupportingwomen. We want to know all about you and encourage you to live your most epic life daily! That being said, please feel free to share encouraging quotes, motivational gifs, or shoutouts.

But remember to be kind! In the Dragonfly Club, we believe in accepting each other for who we indeed are. Bullying, negative-talk, or harassing will not be tolerated in this group, and violators will be removed immediately.

As mentioned before, this is a safe space solely for our members. That being said, please do not share any posts, comments, screenshots, or photos posted in this group to outside pages or groups.

  We encourage you to take your hustle and ambition over to the Alpha Club forums and groups.  We want to see you thrive and live the Alpha Female life!

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